5-Gallon Foam Kit
35-pounds Latex Base, 8-pounds Foaming Agent, 4-pounds Curing Agent, 4-pounds Gelling Agent, 1-pound Mold Release, Instructions. Contains approximately 105-batches of foam (150 gms each). Enough foam for more than 30-full over head masks of medium thickness.
1-Gallon Foam Kit
1-Gallon Latex Base, 2-pounds Foaming Agent, 1-pound Curing Agent, 1-pound Gelling Agent, 4-ounces Mold Release, 
Instructions. Contains 24-batches of foam (150 gms each). Enough foam for 8-average full over head masks, or more than 20-full face appliances. Enough for more than a hundred small pieces.
1-Quart Foam Kit
1-Quart Latex Base, 8-ounces Foaming Agent, 4-ounces Curing Agent, 4-ounces Gelling Agent, 2-ounces Mold Release, 
Instructions. Contains 6-batches of foam (150 gms each). Enough foam for 6-full face appliances, or for many small pieces--even as much as 40 or 50 noses, if you have enough molds to fill.
Pigment Palette
1/2 ounce each of Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Ruddy and Tan Tone colors. Enough to color many batches of foam. These water base pigments are the strongest colors available for your foam. Just use a few drops per foam batch. You will be thrilled with the results. 
Foam Injector
Professional quality rear-loading type. Holds 3-quarts of foam, or about a  large Sunbeam bowl (or full Kitchen Aid bowl). Heavy duty  threaded acrylic tube lets you see the foam inside. Stainless steel nozzle and shaft, polymer front and rear caps for lightness, silicone o-ring. With proper care, this injector will last a lifetime. Every good lab should have at least one.
Instructional Video
Hosted by Gil Mosko, creator of GM Foam. This video tape shows the step by step process of using GM Foam. Clear procedures make it easy to produce good foam pieces of your own. Explains chemistry and behavior of the materials. Available in both NTSC and PAL formats. Great value for the price.
Flow Increaser
When foam is whipped to a high volume, it gets thick and does not pour well, leading to trapped air. This fine product will end all of your thick foam worries. Even high rise batches pour beautifully, and flow over fine mold details without catching air. The development of this fluid has eased the lives of foamers all over the world. Many labs depend on GM Foam Flow Increaser to get results.
Foam Stabilizer
In the summer it is often impossible to get your foam room as cool as you want it to be. Foam gels faster than you’d like. By adding a couple of grams of foam stabilizer to the batch, you can extend your working time, even under hot and humid conditions, and fill your molds before the foam gels. This product is a must for labs in hot climates, and for those without climate control in their foam rooms.
Pax Remover
Contains orange oil to cut through pax, and aloe for gentleness. Also works to remove Pros Aide adhesive. Fresh citrus aroma and smooth feeling to the skin.






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