GM Foam was created in 1987 by Gil Mosko, in response to the need for a consistent, user-friendly foam latex product. Mr. Mosko is a five time Emmy Award-winning makeup artist, with credits to Hollywood films and television shows too numerous to name here. Drawing on his experience and background in chemistry, he developed what has become the standard of the industry in foam latex.

With his development of the GM Foam system, Mr. Mosko also recognized the need for a fast, accurate support system for his product. Because foam latex sometimes seems like a tricky medium, GM Foam offers unparalleled customer support. We can furnish you with answers to your questions or problems by phone, fax or email.

Simply call +818-908-1087, or fax +818-908-1262, or you can email us at

Award Winning Artists use GM Foam to bring some of Hollywood’s most memorable characters to life. The professional’s choice, GM Foam has become the standard of the industry. Let some of our friends recommend us:

Richard Taylor, WETA Workshop, Wellington, New Zealand
Oscar Winner, “King Kong

Oscar Winner, “Lord of the Rings” - The Return of the King, Best Costume Design
Oscar Winner, “Lord of the Rings” - The Return of the King, Best Makeup
Oscar Winner, “Lord of the Rings” - The Fellowship of the Ring, Best Visual Effects
Oscar Winner, “Lord of the Rings” - The Fellowship of the Ring, Best Makeup
*(more awards, read on)
“My partner, Tania, and I began foam running at Weta Workshop 23 years ago. We have only ever used Gil’s foam, and every job that we have done over this period has successfully utilized the GM products. We look forward to another 20 years of close friendship and continued business relations with Gil and his team.” Richard Taylor. ----Read More
Dick Smith
Oscar Winner, “Amadeus” 
"I've used GM Foam for years because of it's fine quality, reliability, and great Flow Increaser. Another plus is knowing I can call on Gil's expertise if I have a problem." - Dick Smith
Michele Burke
Oscar Winner, “Quest for Fire” 
Oscar Winner, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” 
Emmy Winner, “Alien Nation
“GM is the best, that’s all there is to it. It’s the  most consistent, the colors always match. The quality control is the best.”

Greg Cannom
Oscar Winner, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
Oscar Winner, “Titanic” 

Oscar Winner, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” 
Oscar Winner, “Mrs. Doubtfire

“From Mrs. Doubtfire to Dracula, I use Gil’s foam for everything. It’s the best!”
Kevin Haney
Oscar Winner, "Driving Miss Daisy"
Emmy Winner, "Mark Twain and Me"
Emmy Winner, "Kissinger and Nixon"
Emmy Winner, "The Martin Short Show"
"GM Foam never lets me down. It's the only foam I care to use."

Matthew Mungle
Oscar Winner, Bram Stoker’s Dracula 
Emmy Winner, "Citizen Cohn"

Cable Ace Award, "George Wallace"
Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hairdresser Award - "Sonny and Cher Story"
Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hairdresser Award - "Tracy Ullman in the Trailer Tales"
Emmy Winner, "Citizen Cohn"
Emmy Winer, "The X Files"
Emmy Winner, "Door to Door"
Emmy Winner, "Six Feet Under"
Emmy Winner, "State of the Union"
Oscar Winner, "Schindler’s List"
Oscar Winner, "Dracula"

"GM Foam is one of the most reliable materials we as Makeup Effects Artists use.  It's a consistent product that won't let you down."
Mike Westmore
Oscar Winner, “Mask” 
Nine time Emmy Winner, 
Star Trek, the Next Generation”, 
Voyager”, “Deep Space Nine
"With great success, we have been using GM Latex Foam for over twelve years on Star Trek." 



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